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Captured Romance: Luca & Abi Enchanted Love Story in Florence

Italy eloepement photographer tuscany Wedding engagement

We were so lucky to capture all the energy and intimacy of Luca & Abi during a couple photoshoot at sunset in Florence. Those cobblestone streets and ancient monuments provided just the perfect backdrop for getting those real moments. We were really on the hunt for that ever-changing sunset light, trying to catch the love between you two and your special connection with the city. The photos really reflect that sunset magic and the unique vibe of Florence, creating a super genuine and captivating visual story.

And now, right in the middle of all this romantic stuff, the fading light added that touch of magic to each and every shot. That light created this really special aura that blended with the motion blur as you two moved around. All that play between light and movement added that extra layer of charm, really highlighting your connection and the timeless allure of this city. These photo didn't just capture moments: they immortalized the very essence of love and that romantic feeling of Florence, just as the sun hid behind the horizon.

After viewing the full gallery Abi and Luca said:

" Hi Claudia and Gianmarco, we just had a look through the photos and words can’t express how much we love them! Thank you so much for your hard work and commitment in capturing these beautiful moments for us — your flexibility and professionalism really made the experience smooth and enjoyable for us. These photos are incredible and have exceeded any expectations we ever had for our engagement photoshoot — we can’t wait to share them with our friends and family. Once again, it has been an absolute pleasure and thank you so much!! "


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