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Elopement in Rome: a journey through the lens | Featured on Bride Life Style

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During a recent elopement in Rome, We had the opportunity to capture a unique and captivating event, turning the city into a captivating backdrop for an unforgettable love story.

Iconic places like the Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon served as solemn settings for this elopement, providing a frame that speaks of centuries of history. The choice of these locations wasn't random but aimed to create a context that adds symbolic weight to the bond forming between the couple. Rome, with its grandeur, offers a unique and solemn atmosphere, perfect for those seeking a marriage loaded with meaning.

The decision to make Rome the location for this elopement wasn't arbitrary but reflected the couple's quest for authenticity and significance. From the imposing Trevi Fountain to the picturesque Pantheon, each place contributed to creating a unique setting for this special chapter in the couple's life.

As a photographers, our goal was to capture not only the grandeur of the monuments but also the intimacy and emotional connection between the couple and their surroundings. Our interaction with the couple was crucial in understanding their story and conveying through the images not just the aesthetics of the places but also the depth of their love.

Ultimately, this elopement was an exciting journey through history and love, and We hope the images convey, in a neutral yet engaging manner, the beauty and essence of this unique moment in the couple's life.

What Kenna & Josh said about us:

" Claudia and Giammarco were so wonderful to work with!

They made the shoot comfortable and fun; the whole elopement was just magical and the pictures came out even better than We imagined. We can’t thank them enough for capturing such a special day as well as they did. "

Floral Design: Motifloral

Celebrant: Crea Cerimonie - Celebrant Passaggi Weddings


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